Presentation Video Mona Suzann Monamentl’Art ”Music for all Senses“


Mona Suzann, german virtuoso female jazzvocalist and designer, connects worlds of senses. Her breathtaking voice and musical performance, her mainly self-composed poetry and multi media effects of visual arts, and – even in the planning state – odor compositions and flavor stimuli. These are the elements of her new live project ”Monamental’Art”. A quite new concert format she wants to create, beyond conventional categorizations. With a live entertainment of great depth and unique beauty Mona Suzann wants to take her audience into an other world. Into the eternity of her monamental world of sensuality.

This presentation is a live recording of the first try out concert at the Weingarten Music Festival 2012.

Line Up:
Mona Suzann – vocals
Phillip Treß – guitar
Niklas Deeg – contra bass
Jens Barth – media

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